*~ 6-15-2016 ~*

 It's almost here, guys!!!

After 3 years my first Sci Fi novel, XENOPHOBIA, will be hitting the marketplace August 16 2016!

You all know what a wild ride my life has been and how this book got stuck in the mix. I am proud to finally announce that it is finished for real this time and my life is slowly quieting down from all the madness. I know you are all anxious for me to work on the MARKINGS sequel, which has been started, but I will be taking the summer to myself. I am going to Reno, NV in July and then spending a week at the coast in August. We are hunting for a travel trailer as well as adding a new dog addition to our family. 

Once the excitement of summer has passed, I will settle down at my laptop and continue work on all our favorite stories :)

Love to you all who have supported me these last few years. You don't know how much it means! <3 


*~ 12-27-2015 ~*

 Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas! 

This was the first year I didn't spend Christmas in our family home. Mostly because, well, it is no longer the "family home" but that's okay. We spent Christmas in our mother's new home and it was actually quite nice. 

Not much to report book wise except that Taste of Silver is free for the next few days and I am eagerly awaiting the cover design for the science fiction novel. I cannot wait to share it with you guys. I hope you like the new world I have begun creating!

Anyway, wishing everyone a fabulous new year :) Keep up with me on facebook!


*~ 11-24-2015 ~*

Happy Almost Thanksgiving everyone!

Thought I'd throw in a current update since it's been a few months.

I am currently moved in and nearly all settled in our new house. We have a tiny house (seriously, it's under 800 square feet) about thirty minutes outside the city of Portland, OR and it's quite a transition for both me and Chase to be in town versus out in the country (no more wandering around the house in my underwear because, oh yeah, we have neighbors now). We are renting at the moment since our house sale didn't work out, but we do hope to be back on the house hunt next year.

Writing wise, I have done... nothing. Nothing since we moved in (I know, you all just growled at me). Probably because there has been soooo much to do and I am working more than usual. A lot has happened in the last 30 days. Chase smashed his hand at work and is down two fingers for the next 12 weeks (yes, it was that bad) and has been unable to help around the new house as much as he'd like. My baby dog just got out of his stitches after a surgery with a rough recovery. My old dog is now sick, so I can say the vet knows me by first name these days.

My hope is to get to work on Markings sequel after the holidays. My work schedule should calm down soon (I hope) and hopefully my crazy family of dogs and people will settle down. 

In the meantime, I wish EVERYONE a WONDERFUL holiday season!!



PS - Oh... and we are working on the cover for my Sci Fi novel :) 


*~ 9-30-2015 ~*

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I'd drop a quick note and say once again YAY!! THE SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL IS DONE!!! I DID IT AND DIDN'T KILL MYSELF!

Okay, that was dramatic. But seriously, I needed that last kick in the butt from my editor or I probably would have given up. Thanks to her - and my fabulous company for letting me have a week off - the book is now due for release in early 2016.

In other news, our house sale fell through. But it's okay because we ended up taking on one of my dad's fixer uppers and it has turned out to be the cutest little house. I have been working my butt off for 2 weeks now, trying to complete all the paint and repairs it needed (I learned a lot about myself and, yes, I think I might just be the new Superwoman after all). We will be moving in by October 15th.

So yeah... I think that's about it for now.

Oh, and I might have just written the ENTIRE outline for the new MARKINGS book :)

Oh yes. I am accomplishing life this month.

Talk to you soon <3



Good morning my Lovely Fans,

I just wanted to post a quick update to say that I'm behind on all writing projects at this point because, well... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! I've been waiting, planning, and working towards this day for 5 years now and I'm terrified and excited all in one. I'm praying that this means my life is finally on the up after 2 really horrid years. My home was pretty much torn apart (well, not physically but emotionally) and I have felt like a vagabond for the last year and a half, like nowhere feels like home... So this is a big deal.

In other news, I am trying to finish my science fiction novel still and I am planning events for the follow up to MARKINGS. Hopefully after I am moved and settled I can actually sit down and work on more books. I really want to get my writer's brain back.

Any questions, don't be afraid to write.




Hey Guys!

I know you are all wondering what I'm up to right now since I'm not bailing out new books left and right, so I thought I'd give you a few sneak peaks into my current life. Well, when not at school I'm busy working in fine jewelry, so I thought this might give you guys an idea of what my weekly life looks like. Please note that I Do Not own any of these images. They were found across the net.

*~ The 13 Cat Faces of Jewelry Retail ~*


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