I have been all over the place - mentally and physically!

My last book was XENOPHOBIA, which was published almost exactly one year ago today and before that is was MARKINGS, released over three years ago now. These were my most recent projects.

I'll admit I have a terrible amount of guilt over not writing a sequel to either of these books yet, but here's what the last couple of years have taught me: when it's time it is time and not a moment before... When it is time to produce sequels to these books, I have no doubt I will. The time for the sequel to MARKINGS I think will arrive sooner than later, but right now I am experimenting with a new genre: contemporary.

A lot has happened to me in five years. Some good, some not good. The not good stuff left me with a lot of fear in my life. A lot of fear. Fear makes people think or do really weird shit... or sometimes it makes them think or do nothing at all.

I am in the process of trying to rewire myself, and after years of the same bad habits and bad thought patterns... that's been a pretty big challenge. But I'm starting to realize it isn't impossible. We have all the tools to change our lives - we just need to reach out and take them and realize they really are there.

And we need to learn to love ourselves. That means all of ourselves, even the crappy, dark, horror-filled, shitty parts that we don't like. Through experimentation, I've learned that loving  yourself really is the only answer if you want to take your life back-- your happy life.

Another even more challenging lesson that I'm learning is to trust the universe. I trust that there is a plan, and that we are all part of each other as well as of something much bigger than ourselves.

So with all that said, we will see where the rest of this year and next leads. I am currently in the process of planning a wedding, preparing to build a house, and returning to college (I'm kind of an overachiever) on top of writing a new book.

Stay Tuned, my lovely fans.