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March 22nd  2016 

Good morning everyone,

Well, we are ALMOST there! The Sci Fi novel finally after four years in the making has a release date: May 2016... No, I don't know exactly what day yet (had to tweak the ending a bit so it might be the beginning of May or it might be the end).

Recovering from a fairly severe bout of depression and trying to get back into book marketing and GIA homework. Proud to say we have moved into a cute rental house outside Portland and let the house sale from August go (house had too many issues for me to feel safe about buying it). Was a good thing we didn't buy it because 3 weeks after moving in, my boyfriend crushed his hand at work and was put on light duty (and light pay) for nearly 4 months! I truly do believe everything happens for a reason.

Because I've been asked several times, yes, my lovely and patient fans... The sequel to Markings is in the works at last and has a full plot line written out. Might be a slow process for me as I'm mentally still trying to find balance with my new life, but my goal is to be done in 1 year. 

That's all for now :)



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